Project title: 

To introduce a product in the form of a platform designed to sell online courses to markets with high potential for business development in the form of the United States and Denmark.

Purpose and planned effect of the project:

The company expects that as part of the internationalization process:

  1. Acquire the foreign markets of Denmark and the US
  2. Achieve export revenue in the Danish market
  3. Achieve export revenue in the US market
  4. By 2024, the company will develop the experience it has so far in offering products to foreign customers – by using the consulting services identified in the project
  5. Establish new international contacts and expand the customer base, which will allow further foreign expansion into additional foreign markets.

Measurable effects of project implementation:

– Number of internationalization business models prepared for implementation – 1; 
– Number of new markets (countries) where the applicant has achieved readiness to start selling products – 2; 
– Number of organized channels for handling business processes to be implemented in target markets – 3. 

Value of the project: 

The total value of the project is – PLN 758,418.00 (in words: seven hundred and fifty-eight thousand four hundred and eighteen zlotys 00/100) 

European Funds contribution: 

Project subsidy constituting de minimis aid – PLN 524,110.00 (in words: five hundred and twenty-four thousand one hundred and ten zlotys 00/100) 

Implementation date: 

01.11.2022 – 31.12.2023